About Us

More than a seafood restaurant, Ocean Delight has a menu to suit every occasion, from a quick dim sum brunch or an a la carte lunch or dinner where you can choose from a wide-ranging menu, to formal banquets or corporate events.

A family-owned restaurant in San Jose for over 37 years, Ocean Delight started as the “Ocean Palace” restaurant in the Edenvale shopping center. In 2003, Ocean Delight opened in this easily accessible and exclusive setting, and the menu was enhanced to bring you gourmet Chinese dishes in addition to family favorites, with dim sum added as a daily feature.

Dedicated to serving you the freshest and most delicious food, all dishes are created by gourmet chefs trained in Hong Kong. Great attention is given to detail, from the lovely vegetable carvings accenting various dishes, to the warm and friendly service. Ocean Delight is great for family gatherings of all occasions, banquets, and corporate functions for dim sum, lunch, or dinner.